The Perfect Post

Every day I have thousands of ideas running through my head. Occasionally I’ll jot them down, thinking “this would be an excellent blog post…” What is an excellent blog post? As a journalist I think of the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why…..As a mother of 3 boys my “Random Carina Thoughts” are just that…RANDOM!

I still have blogger anxiety. What direction do I want to take my blog in…do I want to put myself out there and be judged and open for criticism?

I’ve ultimately decided yes. Yes. I have a lot to say, and for me transparency is key. The good, bad & the ugly. So here I go…Keepin’ it REAL, one blog post at a time.

Maybe you’ll read, maybe you won’t. Whatever the case I am going to enjoy writing & I hope you enjoy reading.